Five Things you can do right now to improve your health!

Are you overwhelmed with all of the “Health” information out there? It feels like something new comes out everyday to add to the confusion and guilt of how we “should be living”. It is so stressful sometimes (or is it just me)!

This will not be one of those posts. I will give you five simple things you can do starting today to feel so much better. You don’t even have to do all five! Add one at a time and make them habits so they stick. Low stress so we enjoy the process of feeling our best! And don’t worry, I will not be telling you to put down that chocolate or wine haha.

  1. SLEEP, not all sleep is created equal. Lack of a full night sleep (good quality sleep) is linked to many different health issues. Including MOST mental health problems. Lets look at sleep like “brain maintenance”.  I know we all have challenges with sleep and how much we get. But there are things you can do to improve your sleep no matter where you are in life. If you want to dive even deeper on the topic, my go to expert is Arianna Huffington. My tip for you above everything is learn to UNPLUG at least 30 mins before bed time (Yes TV too). I know this can be hard but try and find a great book and read instead of the TV. You can read more on the effects of the blue light from devices here.
  2. WATER, I know, I know; you have heard it before “drink more water”. I get it, but hear me out here. Our bodies are made of water, especially our brain! So when we don’t get enough quality water we can really damage our health. If we all just drank more water and slept I’m sure we would all feel 10x’s better. My tip for you here is if you are getting enough water now, amp it up with a quality water source! In our house we only drink Berky Water. Its like the BEST you can get for home water filters.
  3. MOVEMENT, notice here I did not toss out how we need more exercise (We all know we NEED it lol). So all I’m saying is to move more. Thats it. Want to crush a hard corp workout? Awesome. Want to just walk around the office a little while working? Amazing too! Yes the idea is for us all to be doing a heart pumping workout program that works best for us, but I know how overwhelming that can be sometimes. So for now think about how you can simply add more movement to your day. My tip for you, reaching for another handful of chocolate chips (just me here, ok then lol) put them down and go walk around the block, then see how you feel after.
  4. RE THINK FOOD, I feel like we get so many diet trends and “you should eat this way” information tossed our way we shut down and don’t try anything. Why would we? We are apparently doing it all wrong anyway so why try? Well I’m going to tell you, you are amazing and all I want you to do is think about how you can add in more produce. Thats it. Want a snack? Grab an apple instead of that “health bar”. Eating lunch? Add a small salad to it. I don’t want you to take out anything you don’t want to right now. Think ADD IN. My tip for you here, I LOVE smoothies in the AM! Its an amazing way to get a BIG hit of nutrients with breakfast first thing in the AM. I get all of my recipes usually on Pintrest. Check back in the Newsletter for my favorite “Spring cleaning smoothie”.
  5. MINDFULNESS, now mindfulness can mean so many things. For me its being more aware of how I feel and knowing what I need to feel my best. So things like a gratitude practice (journaling them is best), reading an educational book, trying meditation (here is my favorite app for it), focus more on breathing and doing it well (yes, there is a correct way to breathe lol), stretching first thing in the AM, journaling, or visualization. Like I said there are SO many different things you can do here. Make it your own. Choose one or two to try out for now and see how you feel. My tip, I make sure to do mine first thing in the AM so it sets me up for an amazing day overall.

The key when making a healthy life change is to not feel stress around it or dread it, then we don’t do it. It is human nature. There is no “quick fix pill” here. But don’t feel discouraged, when we look at it like a journey that we will get to enjoy we can change everything. If you need more support I am always here for you. You are NOT alone and YOU are WORTH it!

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