Just Breathe…

We all know the feeling all too well. You can feel the tightness in your chest as it sneaks up on you. OVERWHELM and/anxiety! The wreck havoc on so many lives and we feel so powerless to stop it. But when if we could? What if we could calm ourselves back down and miss the overwhelm all together?!

I’m here to tell you you CAN! In fact this is going to be a short one because, it is this simple…BREATHE. I know, seems too good to be true right? Just breather? I have been doing that since birth, and I don’t want to brag, BUT I’m kinda a pro.

Really, breathe. Let me explain. When we are more mindful of our breath we take deeper calming ones. when we remember to take belly breaths thats even more beneficial, because there is a nerve the runs along our diaphragm and when we use it, that nerve is massaged. This in turn relaxes us! When we are more mindful and breath into our “mess” we can see it for what it really is, not as big a deal as it feels like right now. If you want to dive into even more information, here is what the Yoga Journal has to say about The Science Of Breathing!

Want to take this a step further? Have you gotten on the meditation train yet? I know I was NOT jumping on it when I started really learning about personal growth. It felt weird and silly to me. I honestly don’t know what got me going I just started one day (most likely because I have no other ideas lol). There have been ups and downs and usually my brain fights me to this day BUT the difference in myself is unreal when I remember to just do it!

We can all benefit from more breathing in our lives. We live in such a fast moving world, where we are always going. Today, I am challenging you (and me), to remember to breathe on purpose. To enjoy the breaths, and to remember why we are grateful while we take that quick STOP in our days.

And always remember to love yourself, you are doing an amazing job!

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