Changing the Game, Mindfulness and Healthy Living

Does this sound familar? You hear about something that could take you in a new direction, whether it is a new diet, new exercise program, or anything you excited to learn more about. You decide to check it out and, to your horror, you find SO MUCH information that it seems just too overwhelming to even start. “Whats the point, when I don’t even know where to start?”. I’m sure I haven’t been the only one who has encountered this disappointing, and frankly frustrating scene.

We all have a desire to change, but there is so much information out there (and most of it is conflicting) so WHAT do we do, and where do we start?

I’m here to ease the stress a little and tell you that your not alone, it is HARD to know where to start. I’m also here to tell you where we truly need to start has nothing to do with what we add to our plates, or what we do in the gym! I know, thats not what we have been taught at all! But bear with me.

We are in a world full of information on how to have the “perfect body” (doesn’t exist by the way, your beautiful), yoyo dieting, terrible relationships with food, and shame;  yet we all still suffer so much. Looking in the mirror we often wonder what we are doing wrong. Why we cant make this “work for us” when it seems to for everyone else. What is wrong with us?

What’s “wrong” is how we are looking at a healthy life. Where we NEED to start isn’t the perfect diet or amount of cardio you do (all good things by the way, when done for the right reasons). It’s all about somehting we never even look to, MINDFULNESS.

THIS is the game changer you have been looking for. Now, what do I mean by mindfulness and the mental aspect of healthy living? What I mean is taking a closer look at your mentality around health first. When we don’t change the mindset that got us where we are we will never get to where we want to go. There is a lot that can go into this, but as a place to START here are some examples of questions to ask yourself…

  • How do you feel about food? Really think about it? Are you eating out of punishment or out of love for yourself?
  • Change how you look at food. There are no “good and bad” foods, there are simply “supportive and non supportive. Foods made by a plant vs. made in one.
  • Are you working out because you hate your body, or because you love it and want to do the best for it?
  • Why are you reaching for certain foods when you are?
  • Where can you get the most nutrition in the moment you are in?
  • Are certain relationships affecting how you eat, if so why?
  • What are you telling yourself about yourself? We are made up of the stories we tell ourselves each day, so what are you saying?

I get it, I was full of so much guilt and shame around eating and health. I would feel ashamed for something I ate so I would punish myself for what felt like days. The shame I felt around food was debilitating. It ran my every-thought. I could never enjoy life because food and what I was eating was always on my mind. I didn’t want to “get fat” like I was told I would growing up.  Along with the belief that “I would struggle with my weight”.  I hated food and feared it in a weird way. Now I’m changing the story one day at a time. Learning to LOVE real whole foods again. Not just for the taste (which is a must) but because of how it makes me feel and how it supports this amazing body I was blessed with.

I know its overwhelming. Give yourself grace, and take small baby steps overtime. It is so tempting to do an overhaul in our lives to get “skinny or look fit”. But this is a journey, there is no end. We are all learning lessons about what will work best for US. Listen to your gut and know you are not alone. Trust yourself and know it will all happen in time. There are no failures, only lessons. Love yourself, your doing amazing!

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