Favorite Ways I’m Staying Healthy This Summer!

As a mom it can be especially hard in summer to stay on any kind of Health path. With kids fighting, needs trying to be met, less time, everything and EVERYONE needing your attention, etc. It can be too much. So in all honesty in the past I myself have just put my health on hold and “ill start after summer”. I know I’m not alone there. It was my excuses also a-little to slack and pig out on chocolate. To not get in  my workout when I knew I should (#real life moments lol).

This year I have made a commitment to myself and my family to take care of what I need to for ME because it makes me a better mama, wife, and friend. I want to share what I do with you in hopes that you find what works for you this summer! While still having fun and enjoying ourselves BTW. Life is too short not to!

These eight things are what I love! This list does not mean you have to do everything like I do or that there is a “right way”. Its about getting inspiration from it and finding what works for you! Now I choose to wake up at 5 AM to get these things done. That is what works for me. You may have to do that if you really want to feel amazing, or you may find evening works best for you for some of it.  Again, not adding stress to your to do list. Adding value so you can ROCK this summer!!

  1. Morning routine! Y’all, this concept is a GAME changer! I can’t stress this enough. In my opinion if you do nothing else this is the one to add. Again make it your own. A great resource for this is “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod. Basically you do things FIRST thing in the morning like meditation, reading, prayer, journaling, movement (I do a-little stretching), etc. There are so many things you can do to add value to your day.
  2. Get your heart rate up. I know you know, you have heard this a millions times. But there is no getting around it ladies and gents. We were made to move. Does that mean you have to wake up at dawn, go to the gym and do Insanity? NOPE (I wouldn’t enjoy that lol). It means finding what you love to do and doing it. No excuses. Dance around the living room with your kids, go for a family run/walk. ANYTHING. I personally love my On demand workouts. They are fast, easy, and I don’t have to go anywhere with my kids lol.
  3. Eat the BEST versions of things you can. If you have followed me for even a day, by now you probably know I hate diets. They don’t work because we all hate them lol. So what I tell my clients to do is simply be more mindful when you eat about what you are putting into your body, why your eating it,  and how that will make you feel. When you do eat, make it the MOST nutrition you can get where you are in that moment. Through it all love yourself and ENJOY food. KEEP IT SIMPLE.
  4. Go to bed as early as possible. I know its summer. Every night we want to stay up with our man and Netflix, am I right?! But we have to get quality sleep and as often as possible. I know some of you are thinking “but Kathryn I’m a night owl”. I love you so much but you have just created that habit. You cannot fight the fact that we are made to be an a circadian rhythm with our sleep. What I do is turn off the TV and no phone after 8:30/9 and I do my evening routine to get ready for bed. A new GAME CHANGER for me is reading by salt lamp! Its so relaxing. I pass right out on my pillow I have added a few drops of Lavender too!
  5. Enjoy the Sunshine! I heard the most amazing quote “Get in the sun and stay hydrated. You are basically a house plant with complicated emotions”. Its SO TRUE! And please make at least 10-20 mins of that without sunscreen. Your body needs those rays! Don’t be scared you will not get cancer from ten mins in  early AM rays.
  6. Read. Find like 20 minutes in your day when you can sit down and read an amazing book. The best time would be by salt lamp right before bed. I love personal growth books! They make me feel like a million bucks, plus you never want to stop growing and evolving into who you are meant to be.
  7. PLAY. Enjoy your summer! Do things you and your kiddos love to do. We love going on hikes, going to the beach, or going to find new places to explore.
  8. Self Care. This is a BIG one! You have permission to do something for yourself each day that makes you feel amazing and relaxed! This can be your reading, getting a message, taking a Yoga class, what do you love?! You have to put on your oxygen mask before you can put on others.

Like I said, these are just some ideas. Feel free to run with it! Have fun. May I also say I get how hard it is sometimes! I have days where I just don’t want to parent OR adult. Give yourself grace and just do the best you can each day. Don’t make this stressful. This is here to add to your summer and make it amazing!

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