An Amazing Latte and a Hurricane Evacuation

There I was, standing in our home of almost 6 years wondering what to grab. You see we are in the PATH of Hurrican Flo and she is a mean lady. I was standing there looking around because I thought to myself “I should really grab what is really important to me because it’s not looking good.

Well as I looked around I realized that there was nothing that I had that I couldn’t “live without”. It shocked me if I’m being honest with you. I don’t know about you but I spend lots of time thinking about “stuff” yet when it came down to it, I already had EVERYTHING I needed.

Now I am in the coffee shop where my amazing twin sister works drinking a pumpkin spice latte that she made (its AMAZING BTW), and I keep thinking of everything. How that stuff didn’t matter enough to “save”, how life can change so fast, what really matters.

I keep coming back to that, “WHat really matters?”. I have been asking myself this a lot but the hurricane and the possibility of losing everything has really made me think more. Why do we stress so much about what doesn’t really mean that much to us? Why do we allow our emotions to truly get the best of us so much?

I know I still allow it to happen but becoming more mindful of these questions and finding MY answer (not anyone else) has been the hardest and most amazing journey of my life. I still am pondering them, but now I have so much more clarity and cannot WAIT to see what happens next. This possible tragedy will make something good, I just know it.

I am praying for ALL in the way of Flo and know this will only make us stronger if we allow it to. God Bless you all!

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