I cannot tell you how blessed I feel that you are here!

I’m sure like I was for so long, you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and you may even be ready for your life-changing journey. 

My whole life I struggled (like so many) with mental health issues. Diagnosed for the first time when I was 10 with things ranging from: depression, to anxiety, and OCD, to an eating disorder where I saw food and weight as the enemy. Life was a constant “pity party” planned and put on by myself. Going through many hard times left me feeling sick and alone not knowing where to turn.

I married my Marine when I was 20, and we have two beautiful girls. They are the reason why I said enough was enough. I was going to figure this all out for all of us. I wanted to teach my girls they can learn to love themselves no matter where they are in their journeys (because that’s what we are all on). SO I set out to learning all I could about everything from nutrition, to self-love, to nutrition, (etc.) to find a way to truly get hold of my “mountains”. Although I will never be “done”, I am finding new ways every day to overcome the things that used to defeat me daily. 

I am learning to fall in love with taking care of myself and showing others that they too can do it. All we need is help from those who have been there before. I’m not here to tell you what to do or how to do it. I am here to be a support system full of useful information and support so YOU can be the hero in your story. So you can learn what works for your life and how to make it happen! 

I would feel so blessed to be with you on your journey, and I will be right there with you on mine. Know that no matter where you are no matter how many “wrong turns” you have been through, you are worth it and can take control of YOUR life. I am now seeing that we were not put here by God to live sick and unhappy, we are meant to THRIVE and love life.