Healthy U. Membership Program


Imagine this, you never have to count calories, fat or carbs obsessively again. You get to enjoy the movement you do and its something you look forward to, NOT somehting you dread. You rarely (like doctor appointment only) get on a scale again. You are happy and healthy eating/living in a way that supports your body so much that you, beautiful can start to heal yourself.

No its not a dream, it is something we can all strive to have. I have seen it too many times to count. People (especially us ladies) stressing over every detail of our “health”. Knowing we want to be the best us we can be but we just don’t know where to start or what to do. We may have no support, or accountability; to help us along the way. SO many people feel lost in the health and wellness world, and I don’t blame you at all!

So what if we took a step back and started to re think how we look at health? What if we had the support system in place and tools we needed to slowly, but surely change out health story? We can! Thats why I am putting together this membership program. I too can still feel lost at times with all of the information, so I knew if I was lost, I HAD to create a space, and plan for others like me.

So what is the Healthy U. Membership program? It is a community full of ladies who are on the path to creating their BEST and healthiest selfs (just like you), who want a little extra help finding their way in all the information out there, in a NON stressful way.

What you get in the Membership:

  • Email contact with your Integrative Health Coach (Me) through email ANYTIME you need me
  • A Facebook group community. This will be a private and safe space to meet some amazing ladies, and to learn tools on your personal journey to health.
  • Live weekly videos in the group from me on health and wellness related topics (anything really, you all know I love to talk lol), that will support you on your path to a NEW health story.
  • A safe space to share your victories as well as your struggles (they are not bad, but a part of the process).
  • Weekly Coach Healthy Add ins. This is where we will all add in a new healthy habit for the week and see how we all respond to it! It will be so much fun to see!
  • My monthly newsletter as well as “group only” emails with information I’m loving from the health world that I just HAVE to share!
  • My favorite recipes
  • Accountability for personal goals
  • Support in reaching those goals
  • And so much more!

I wanted to make sure this could be for everyone! At a HUGE discounted rate you get this membership for $25.00 a month! Compared to my 1:1 coaching program thats a difference of 125.00 (a month). This is the perfect place for YOU to start.

When you take the first (sometimes scary) step to taking care of YOU and changing your health story YOU will change so much more then you can even imagine. Your friends and families lives will all benefit, from YOU leading the way with your health.

In a time where health seems like its at the worst since we can remember lets do our part by taking control of our stories and changing one small, amazing step at a time.

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